The Perpetual Roof Quandary – Pay Now, Or Pay Later…

For almost any homeowner, there is one major ongoing cause for concern. The roof.

So many people live in the knowledge that it’s not quite perfect. It may be in need of slight repair, they may be a small leak that becomes apparent in storms.

You may suspect it is far from energy efficient.

Or it may be that problems are further off but you know that nobody has checked it in years. You may glance up at it as you cross the street and notice the moss, maybe the slipped tile or two.

The problem is that on a daily basis you probably don’t notice the impact.

Even in the midst of winter, with the heating on for hours a day, you may know that the house is not energy efficient and yet the increased expense is somewhat intangible.

The energy bill might come as a shock, but there is no direct comparison, what would it have been if you had an energy efficient roof?

Being brutally honest, none of us like spending on repairs that aren’t completed necessary do we?

The problem is, putting off a decision is still making a decision, choosing not to act has consequences of its own.

For many, not spending a little on the roof now means spending far more over each and every year.

Energy Efficiency

Do you know how much of a typical house’s heat is lost through the roof?

We’ll put you out your misery – it will vary by property, but an average for a property with inefficient roof insulation would be around 25%.

To put it another way, this equates to hundreds of wasted pounds each and every year on a typical terraced, semi-detached or detached house.

These figures are frightening over time. Even if a roof is otherwise fine, it requires no repairs, leaving in energy inefficient will cost money. Over 10 years, this might be around £3,000.

A one-off piece of work might have saved much of this money. At the time, spending a little might be done through gritted teeth, but over the course of years to come it leads to enormous savings.

No Time Like The Present

There are some pieces of work whereby it doesn’t matter hugely when they are done – there is no great financial imperative to do it sooner rather than later.

This is not the case with roof inefficiency.

To use an example, let;’s say a homeowner plans to have their roof addressed at some point in the next three years. If they do it now, then they have energy bill savings over the next three years to enjoy.

If they wait three years, they still have to spend the same amount to fix their roof (we’re ignoring inflation for now) – however they will also have paid those inflated energy bill costs for the three years.

If there is no intention to ever address the roof, then that is one thing. But, for any repair that impacts ongoing bills, it is usually prudent to carry out the work as soon as possible.

Will It Get Worse?

The roof may not bar in perfect condition, but it seems to be doing its job. Certainly there are no leaks.

The question then is will it gets worse, or carry on in this slightly concerning, if not outright terrible state forever?

It is a bit of a gamble. If things do get worse it may well be suddenly, the roof’s poor state creating problems in the winter or high wind. 

At this stage, any bill is likely to be sizeable and the whole process stressful.

But, will the roof fail and if so when?

If you like excitement and not knowing what’s going to happen you might enjoy being in this state of flux!

A Roof Coat and Clean

At Improve A Roof, we are experts in professional roof cleans and also providing our unique roof coating which protects the roof and greatly aids thermal efficiency.

We provide an affordable way to ensure your roof is in great shape and also far less susceptible to heat loss – thus saving the homeowner money each and every year.

To find out more, please have a browse of the site or contact us on 08000 469686 or use the Contact Form.

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