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Can a neighbour’s plants damage your roof?

The landlord of a top-floor property got a surprise call to say that blocked gutters and drains had been a factor in the flooding of the ground-floor flat during a heavy rainstorm.  Closer inspection revealed that vines from a neighbouring house had crawled over the property divide and invaded the roof and gutter of the […]

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Why do I need to keep my roof clean?

Does a roof need to be beautiful? If all its slates are present and correct, does it matter what a roof looks like? So,  why do I need to keep my roof clean? In fact, keeping your roof clean is an essential part of your general house maintenance and our roof cleaning wash and refurbish […]

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How your roof can help you to reduce your energy costs

With energy prices going through the roof – no pun intended – it’s time to ensure that your roof can help you to reduce your energy costs. Keeping your roof in good order is an excellent starting point, and our cleaning and inspection service will help you keep on top of any problems before they […]

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The effect of warm weather on your roof

There is an old saying that you should mend your roof while the sun is shining, but it also pays to be mindful that the effect of warm weather on your roof during the sunny days of spring and summer can be as much of a challenge for your roof as winter.

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Why it’s never a bad time to check your roof

Taking your car for a service is a nuisance, let’s be honest. But it’s infinitely preferable to breaking down in the middle of nowhere because of a problem we had no idea existed. The same mindset should apply to your home – and in particular your roof. You really don’t want to wait until it’s […]

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The Increasing Impact Climate Has On Our Roofs

A sad fact of modern life is that extreme climate events have become ever more common. Across the UK and Europe – and indeed globally – flooding is more common, so too other previously rare occurrences such as major heatwaves, earthquakes and storms of huge magnitude. The evidence for this change is clear, with numerous […]

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Checking the Roof Doesn’t have to be a chore

Maintenance issues relating to the roof can be troublesome, but they can also be hard to spot. On this site, we are firm believers in prevention being better than cure – taking care of your roof is likely to save any homeowner thousands in the long run. However, how can we remember to check our […]

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Don’t Forget To Put Your Coat On – Great Advice For Your Property Too

As a child, did your parents ever use the phrase ‘don’t forget to put your coat on?’. Maybe you have used this parenting classic with your own kids. At heart, there is a sense that prevention is better than cure. Forget to wear your coat, especially in our British climate, and you may well end […]

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Repairs Aren’t The Only Reason To Have Your Roof Checked

When a homeowner thinks of costs relating to their roof, they will naturally think in terms of repairs. Whether it is replacing tiles, fixing guttering, repairing the ridge, or another issue, their mind will think of an issue that needs professional remedy. And, to an extent, they’d be right. Roof repairs are a common expense […]

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The Roof: Tackling small problems before they become big issues

Most homeowners, we would suggest the vast majority, have a very natural tendency to put repairs off.  We fully understand this, it is human nature.  It is a rare person who spots a small issue and then immediately prioritises seeking a fix.  In any home there are just so many small issues. For any new […]

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