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Repairs Aren’t The Only Reason To Have Your Roof Checked

When a homeowner thinks of costs relating to their roof, they will naturally think in terms of repairs. Whether it is replacing tiles, fixing guttering, repairing the ridge, or another issue, their mind will think of an issue that needs professional remedy. And, to an extent, they’d be right. Roof repairs are a common expense […]

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The Roof: Tackling small problems before they become big issues

Most homeowners, we would suggest the vast majority, have a very natural tendency to put repairs off.  We fully understand this, it is human nature.  It is a rare person who spots a small issue and then immediately prioritises seeking a fix.  In any home there are just so many small issues. For any new […]

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Could We Learn From Sweden’s Roof Maintenance?

At Improve a Roof, we specialise in helping customers ensure that their roofs stay in superb order, able to withstand the worst the British climate has to throw at us. And, undoubtedly, the British climate places great demands on our roofs – there is wind, rain (often near-constant rain), fairly extreme temperature changes through the […]

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Warning Signs Your Roof Might Need A Repair

The roof is perhaps the biggest cause for concern for most homeowners.  There is the likelihood that it will require repairs or replacing at some stage and the certainty that should any major faults appear they will need addressing immediately.  A leaking roof cannot be put way down the priorities list. However, unlike other parts […]

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The Perpetual Roof Quandary – Pay Now, Or Pay Later…

For almost any homeowner, there is one major ongoing cause for concern. The roof. So many people live in the knowledge that it’s not quite perfect. It may be in need of slight repair, they may be a small leak that becomes apparent in storms. You may suspect it is far from energy efficient. Or […]

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Four Reasons You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned Right Now!

  Roof Cleaning Saves You Money – Yes, really You may think as you look up at your mucky roof: ‘hmm, does look dirty, but costs too much cash to get it cleaned’. This would be a mistake. It’s costing you money NOT getting it cleaned. How so? Roof cleaning helps your roof last longer. […]

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