Four Reasons You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned Right Now!


  1. Roof Cleaning Saves You Money – Yes, really

You may think as you look up at your mucky roof: ‘hmm, does look dirty, but costs too much cash to get it cleaned’. This would be a mistake. It’s costing you money NOT getting it cleaned. How so? Roof cleaning helps your roof last longer. All that moss, algae and lichen isn’t just unsightly, it’s actively damaging your roof. So, you can have a lower roof cleaning cost in the short term or a massive roof replacement cost in the long term – the choice is yours.

  1. Clean Roofs Look Good

roof cleaning compare

OK, we shouldn’t be superficial and care only about what something looks like. But seriously, have you see the difference between a newly cleaned roof and an uncleaned one? Wow. It’s not like just getting your car cleaned where it looks good for a day then is back to normal. It actually does look like a new roof again and stays that way for a seriously long time 

  1. Your House Is Worth More After Roof Cleaning

Relating to the above, by looking much better, your property, should you decide to sell, will be much more valuable with a beautifully clean roof than the current, dark, grimy embarrassment sitting atop your house, deterring would–be buyers.

  1. You Get a Roof Clean AND Refurb

Blocked gutters? Missing or damaged titles? Because we are such a fantastic roof cleaning company, we like to stand out. That’s why you get a complete roof refurb with every roof cleaning job we do. We remove all the waste from your gutters and replace your damaged or missing tiles, along with any other required roof repairs. That’s in tandem with our turbo roof cleaning wash.

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