Warning Signs Your Roof Might Need A Repair

The roof is perhaps the biggest cause for concern for most homeowners. 

There is the likelihood that it will require repairs or replacing at some stage and the certainty that should any major faults appear they will need addressing immediately. 

A leaking roof cannot be put way down the priorities list.

However, unlike other parts of the house, the roof is difficult to check – it may even be completely inaccessible bar to a professional.

In this post, we outline some key signs that may suggest that your roof could at least do with a check-up.

Regular Checks = Fewer Shocks

Often, there is a natural temptation to only worry about repairs when there is no longer an option to ignore them. The roof would be a classic example – doing nothing until the point tiles have come off and there is a leak causing damage and requiring quick, expensive remedy.

We would recommend factoring in an annual roof check, this greatly reducing the risk that there will ever be the need for sudden action – your roof is never more than 12 months away from having been thoroughly checked.

This approach means that minor issues can be rectified in a timely manner and more serious concerns are caught before they develop. As a homeowner, you will also have peace of mind – a relatively small annual payment instead of the feast and famine or paying nothing followed by huge bills.

It is also worth noting that regular repairs and maintenance will help to address issues that impact on your roof’s efficiency and so there can be significant reductions to the energy bills.

One such maintenance service is our wash and refurbish option – please contact us if this is of interest.

Let There (Not) Be Light

In the evening, turn the lights out, head up into the loft or top of the house and look up.

What do you see?

If there is light coming through, this could be a sign of gaps, potentially caused by cracks, missing tiles, or tears to the underlay.

Turning the lights back on, and if safe to do so, it is then worth checking under these gaps – has there been water ingress into the loft?

Regular checks also help to give you a sense of what is ‘normal’ – it may be that small darts of light creep in naturally along an edge, but any new penetration would be cause for concern.

Loose or Missing Tiles

The easiest way to check the tiles is to create a bit of distance between you and your house – this also saves your neck muscles from the strain of looking straight up.

Cross the road, or head to the end of the back garden and look at the roof. Does it look even, are there any obvious issues?

Compare not as well with the properties nearby to give a point of reference. The tiles and roof should all look neat and well-set – anything that looks uneven, anything that stands out could be something to have investigated.

Look also for any signs of moss or mildew.

Down in the Gutter

Next time there is heavy rain, step outside and check that the rain water is being efficiently dealt with.

The water should flow down the roof, into the gutters and away. If, instead, there is splashing, if water seems to fall down the side of the house at any point rather than inside the downspout then there are problems.

This could be that the gutters are blocked, they may be misaligned or there could be issues with the roof and how water is cascading down.

Ultimately, it perhaps doesn’t matter what the cause of the problem may be; there is a need to have it fixed to avoid future damp problems.

Water Damage

There can be many causes for water damage inside the house and many reasons areas of damp occur.

The roof, though, is likely to be a prime candidate, especially if the water damage is upstairs.

Fortunately, if the damp or water damage is related to the roof it may have a cause that is relatively easy to fix, for instance a loose tile or issue with one gutter.

It is definitely worth checking the roof first as it can be ruled in or out as a cause; this potentially saving the expense of paying out for an ultimately unnecessary damp proof cause.

Thoroughly Check The Attic

Any roof issues that lead to water ingress are likely to lead to water coming into the attic, even if only in small quantities.

Rather than only going into the attic very occasionally to hunt for Christmas decorations, take the time occasionally to have a proper scout around.

Using a torch to shine upwards, are there any signs of wear and tear that are visible internally? Is there any evidence of water?

One issue can be that the attic is cold and so surfaces can feel cold to the touch and potentially a little damp. 

If you want to investigate further, try putting paper down and then revisiting a few days later once it has rained. If water has come in, it will be obvious as the paper will now be wet.

Start At The Top

The ridge at the top of the roof is the highest point, where two roof areas intersect.

This area should have a cover to ensure that no water can seep through. 

The ridge is a crucial part of the roof, quite aside from its aesthetic appeal, it enables ventilation and has to cope with some of the harshest weather conditions as the most exposed part of the roof.

Repairs to the ridge are often simple, but they are also essential as issues here will impact the rest of the roof over time.

An annual check would give the ridge an inspection as a matter of course.

Don’t Panic

Unless there are obvious signs of problems, there is no reason to assume the roof is in need of major repair.

All roofs require repair eventually and may need replacing in the long run – there can come a point where a roof replacement is a better financial choice than continual repairs.

However, regular checks will keep the roof in good health and ensure that nasty surprises are eliminated.

Take the time to find a company you feel you can entrust with these regular maintenance checks. 

We suggest paying for a check and clean as opposed to having someone out for a ‘free, obligation-free quote’, that way you ensure a thorough check without an agenda to find further work.

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