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The Benefits of a Professional Roof Clean

Many of our delighted customers love the look of their roof after our wash and refurbish service, but the benefits of a professional roof clean are more than skin deep. Your roof will look new after thoroughly cleaning all tiles and other surfaces. Regular cleaning may also improve the longevity of your roof structures.  Why […]

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How To Maintain Your Metal Roof

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular on domestic homes. Knowing how to maintain your metal roof can keep it in excellent condition for many years, saving you money on extensive repairs or even a new roof. Why are metal roofs so popular? Metal roofs have been used on industrial and design-led buildings for many years, […]

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Six Great Ways to Boost Your Roof’s Kerb Appeal

Giving your roof kerb appeal can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home and of course, improve your chances of attracting buyers when you want to sell.  But even if you are not interested in selling your home, a few simple tweaks could keep yours looking great. Follow our six tips for the […]

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Six Ways to Maximise the Energy Efficiency of your Roof

The energy efficiency of your home can be crucial when you are trying to control your fuel bills. With up to a quarter of a house’s heat being lost through an uninsulated roof, the top of the house is definitely a good place to start in the fight to reduce your energy outgoings. Carefully considered […]

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Three common causes of damage to flat roofs

Your flat roof may not be prone to cracked or loose tiles but the design does have its own set of potential problems and will need regular checking and maintenance to ensure that it remains structurally sound, energy-efficient, and importantly – watertight.  Contact Improve A Roof today to find out more about our roof cleaning […]

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The three most environmentally friendly roof tiles

If you want to burnish your eco-credentials, you may want to source the most environmentally friendly roof tiles for your new build or extension.   A typical four-bed home has at least 100 square metres of roof surface, and carbon-guzzling roofing materials could burden the environment. So it makes sense to investigate the most sustainable […]

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The UK’s four most popular types of roof tile

Unless you own one of the 60 000 plus homes in the UK that are thatched, your home will have a roof made of a tough weatherproof material like one of the UK’s four most popular types of roof tile.    Clay has been used for roof tiles for thousands of years, and the first […]

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Will your buildings insurance cover roof repairs?

If your roof is damaged and starts leaking, the first thing you’ll do is dig out your policy to check that your buildings insurance will cover roof repairs, damage and redecoration.  In most cases, it will, but insurance companies can be keen to avoid paying out if they can point the finger at the householder.  […]

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Protect the roof of your property from tree damage

Trees in your garden can look great but can also be a hazard, and every year £1000s of pounds are spent to repair domestic roofs after tree damage.

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Reduce Your Energy Costs this Winter with Roof Improvements

It’s no secret that things are getting tighter this winter, which means we all need to be looking for ways to save those extra pennies. What better place to start than your own home, by making sure your roof is a prudent part of your energy-saving plan. Our cleaning and inspection service can help identify […]

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