Will your buildings insurance cover roof repairs?

If your roof is damaged and starts leaking, the first thing you’ll do is dig out your policy to check that your buildings insurance will cover roof repairs, damage and redecoration. 

In most cases, it will, but insurance companies can be keen to avoid paying out if they can point the finger at the householder. 

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How can a high wind be my fault?

It would seem like a cut-and-dried case that you are not at fault if a high wind brings off your tiles. However, insurance companies don’t always see things the way the householder does.

They may question whether the tiles were securely fastened before the storm arrived.


Problems with insurance claims

As an insured homeowner, the insurance company expects you to keep your property in good condition. 

Your insurer may even want proof that the damage to your roof and house contents couldn’t have been avoided even if you had maintained your property to a high standard. 

Unfortunately, householders sometimes have to get involved in lengthy debates with insurance companies before these situations are resolved.

A top tip is to keep hold of any receipts or other evidence of having maintenance work carried out on your roof by a professional roofer. This will show that you have been maintaining your property.


What can I do to ensure my insurance company will pay out in the event of roof damage?

The key is keeping your roof in tip-top condition and sorting out any minor problems as soon as they arise. Regular checking and maintaining of your roof are critical. 


Visual checks

Check your roof regularly for loose tiles, especially after storms or high winds. Go and stand at the other side of the road if you have to, but find a vantage point where you can view as much of your roof as possible. If you find any damaged or loose tiles, you should have them replaced immediately. Improve a Roof offers a roof repair and renovation service. 


Routine cleaning

Clear moss and lichen or plants off your roof. Keep guttering clear of leaves and other debris that could block downpipes and cause dampness to get into the house. All organic matter holds water and can damage tiles and wood structures. Our wash and refurbish process will clear lichen, moss and algae from your roof.  


Check your roof space

Enter your roof or loft space with a torch when it’s raining and check for drops. A few drops today could become a deluge in a few months. 

It could also be helpful to go up there on a sunny day, turn off your torch and look out for any chinks of sunlight coming through gaps or holes.

Check around the roof space for damp patches on the timbers. 


Check the environment

Trim back any branches that overhang your roof. It is not ideal to have a large tree near your house. If you planted it and its overhanging branches crash onto your roof, your insurance company may be less than sympathetic.


It may not be your roof

Check your skylights or Velux roof windows. Water will always find a way and even if your roof is sound,  water can still find another access point into your house. Faulty seals or latches could allow water into your property, ruining possessions and decorations. If your insurance company decides these are long-standing issues, they may be reluctant to pay.


How Improve a Roof can help

Our regular cleaning and inspection service will keep any type of roof free from algae, moss, lichen, and environmental debris. We can clean and assess your roof and spot any loose or cracked tiles before they become an issue. The service includes checking for cracks or crumbling membranes on flat roofs.

Trust Improve a Roof to keep your roof in good condition so that no significant problems develop. Hopefully, you will never have to use that insurance policy.

We provide roof cleaning services in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, North Wales, Derbyshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire.


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