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Your roof is of fundamental importance to your Wigan home. Protecting you from the elements, heightening the value of the property and providing proper insulation. Despite this importance, many people wait until there’s a major problem before deciding to re-roof their home. They are then faced with a major headache caused by a huge, unplanned bill. It makes sense to plan properly and look at re-roofing your home before the point of no return, and it makes equal sense to choose Thermal Roof Coating in Wigan, as this not only gives you protection but saves money on your energy bills by added insulation. Once the sensible decision has been made of re-roofing your home, the next sensible decision is choosing the right supplier, which is where we come in.Improve A Roof guarantees the highest quality Thermal Roof Coating in Wigan at a price which can’t be matched by local competitors.

Our Thermal Roof Coatings are suitable for all types of roof: tiled, slated, concrete, clay, stone and rosemary.

We have years of experience in Thermal Roof Coating, and years of satisfied clients thanks to a tried and tested five stage solution to Thermal Roof Coating.

This will give you:

  • A maintenance free roof
  • Your choice of colour
  • A guaranteed roof
  • Energy savings
  • Increased value of your property
  • Waterproofed tiles


We’re so confident in our Thermal Roof Coating solution that we offer a unique 10 Year Guarantee!

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You will find a small selection of the hundreds of letters that we receive from happy clients in our Testimonials section.

Thermal Roof Coating Promise

"Wigan Thermal Roof Coating"We give householders in Wigan a thermal roof coating guarantee: that you will not match the quality of Thermal Roof Coating that we provide at a price to compete with Improve A Roof Thermal Roof Coating prices.

We ask you to compare our prices with other Thermal Roof Coating companies in the Wigan area. But be careful to check with tried and tested operators who have been around for a number of years. We have lasted due to seeing all our jobs through with minimal inconvenience to the customer and a pride in the quality of Thermal Roof Coating provided.

And then, you can simply enjoy the enhanced appeal of your property, sleep easy about the protection provided and enjoy significant savings on energy bills.

The images to the right illustrate the difference in heat loss between a standard house and one that has been treated with Thermal Roof Coating. These thermal images taken with a special camera use Blue to show cold, orange shows warmth and red shows areas with more heat contained within them.

Thermal Roof Coating Process

Stage One: Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Prior to any undertaking the Thermal Roof Coating, the appointed project manager will carry out a full risk assessment of your property in order to produce a method statement. This statement will be followed throughout the following four stages of work – More details

Stage Two: Roof Cleaning

Prior to cleaning we will full prepare your property by sheeting up any part of your house that may be adversely affected. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our work produces minimum, normally zero, disruption to your home – More details

Stage Three: Roof Renovation

Roof Renovation is a crucial stage of the installation which will cure any fundamental issues with your existing roof. We replace broken tiles, undertake any remedial work that may be required in your loft, etc. We also clean and remove all mosses and lichens – More details

Stage Four: Anti-Fungicidal Wash

Once your roof dries, we apply a high concentrated anti-fungicidal wash onto your existing roof tiles to ensure that the Thermal Roof Coating applied in stage five adheres to your roof correctly and so as to create an aesthetically pleasing finish – More details

Stage Five: Application of Waterproof Thermal Roof Coating

This coating protects your roof tiles whilst still allowing them to breathe. Your tiles become self-cleaning thanks to our unique specially prepared formula – More details

Improve A Roof are a leading Thermal Roof Coating company, with hundreds of successful projects completed to customers’ satisfaction. If you would like to know what your house would look like after our Thermal Roof Coating is applied, you will find before and after images a similar house to yours in our Roof Coating Gallery.

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