The Benefits of a Professional Roof Clean

Many of our delighted customers love the look of their roof after our wash and refurbish service, but the benefits of a professional roof clean are more than skin deep.

Your roof will look new after thoroughly cleaning all tiles and other surfaces. Regular cleaning may also improve the longevity of your roof structures.

 Why not try our Five-Step Roof Cleaning Process, an excellent way to care for your roof? 


The five-step cleaning process

Our team are all experienced roofing professionals with broad experience in cleaning and refurbishing all types of roofs. 

Step One

A complete inspection and assessment of your roof. 

Our cleaning process is more than just a quick wash and brush. We can be your eyes on your roof, inspecting places that cannot be seen from the ground. If we find any leaves or branches, we will remove them.

Step Two

Turbo washing of your roof.

This thorough cleanse will remove all debris and organic matter from your roof. Damaging moss and lichen buildup will be washed away. Gutter clearing can also be part of this process. 

Step Three 

The team will identify and replace broken or slipped tiles. They will also check on the condition of the mortar in the roof’s ridges, valleys and hips and repair it where needed.

Step Four

Anti-microbial and anti-fungicidal treatment.

benefits of a professional roof clean

Many homeowners don’t realise how damaging moss and lichen can be to their roofs.

Not only do these growths look unsightly, but left unchecked, they can damage your roof.

Moss, in particular, acts like a sponge on your top, preventing rainwater from draining away. Water stays on your roof for longer, potentially causing the wooden structures of your root to rot. The sponge-like moss can also grow under tiles, forcing them upwards, loosening them and creating space for water to leak into your roof. 

Step Five 

The final stage is for the same thorough cleanse to be applied to your gutters, fascia & soffits. External window frames and panes can also be cleaned to a shine. 

Keeping your roof clean

More and more customers are choosing to have their roofs treated with a highly concentrated microbiological biocide treatment. This prevents the regrowth of moss, lichens and other fungi by killing their spores, preventing them from germinating. The treatment impregnates the tiles and is activated by rainfall.  It can be a stand-alone treatment, but we also offer it with our waterproof thermal roof coating. 

Thermal roof coating has energy-saving properties, but it also provides water-resistant protection to the surface of your roof. Rainwater drainage is speeded up, meaning that organic debris and pollution particles are removed from your roof quickly,  keeping your roof clean and clear. 

Why can’t I clean my own roof?

We strongly advise you to hire a professional roof cleaning service to clean your roof. 

Roofs are dangerous places for the inexperienced, and water application makes the situation even more hazardous. 

In addition, roof tiles are fragile and can easily be damaged with over-enthusiastic treatment. 

We have the correct cleaning equipment and know how to protect our colleagues, ourselves and your roof. 

How Improve a Roof can help

We are based near Stockport, and our team provides roof cleaning services in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, North Wales, Derbyshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire.

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