Six Ways to Maximise the Energy Efficiency of your Roof

The energy efficiency of your home can be crucial when you are trying to control your fuel bills. With up to a quarter of a house’s heat being lost through an uninsulated roof, the top of the house is definitely a good place to start in the fight to reduce your energy outgoings.

Carefully considered design and materials play their role in keeping your house warm in the winter,  cool in the summer and reducing your energy usage. 

Here are a few strategies you could use to create a more energy-efficient home.

Roof Insulation

roof insulation for energy efficiency

An easy win is to install insulation in your roof cavity to prevent heat exchange between your home and the outside world. You can do this yourself or employ a professional. 

The government recommends that roof insulation should be between 250mm and 270mm, but developers are now commonly including loft insulation up to 300mm in depth.

Popular roof insulation materials include sheep’s wool, glass wool and rigid boards. The size of your roof cavity and your budget will affect your choice but any insulation will have a positive impact on the warmth of your house and your heating bills. 

Cool Roofing Materials

As even some parts of the UK begin to break heat records, it may be time to reconsider the colour of your roof and think about using cool roofing materials.

In the future, we may start to rate roofing materials according to their SRI, that is, their score on the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). 

Lighter-coloured or reflective roof coverings have a higher SRI as they reflect heat away from the roof keeping the home cooler. 

Darker materials absorb heat,  making your home hotter in the summer. If stifling temperatures make you reach for an electric fan or an air conditioning unit, your energy costs will be heading in the wrong direction.

Glazed or painted tiles and some reflective metal tiles can keep your roof cooler.

Roof Ventilation

Adequate roof ventilation improves airflow and prevents heat build-up in your roof space which then raises the temperature of your house. It also plays an important role in keeping condensation under control. 

Vents in the soffits and fascia are ideal but must be kept clean and free from debris build-up to function correctly. 

We offer a roof checking and cleaning service that includes cleaning ventilation points and ensuring air circulation.

Green roofs

A green roof is covered with low-maintenance vegetation like sedum, planted in a growing medium. A waterproof membrane protects the roof beneath. 

Green roofs act as insulation, reducing heat loss and energy consumption during the cooler months. 

In warm conditions, the process of evapotranspiration, controlled water loss through small leaf pores on the plants, consumes heat without warming up surrounding surfaces.

Skylights and Natural Lighting

Another way of thinking about your roof is as a potential light source, reducing the need for supplementary artificial light during the darker months.  

Including skylights or light tubes in your roof design can introduce more light into your house saving energy. 

Solar Panels

solar panels energy efficiency


Your roof itself could be a source of clean energy if you install solar panels.

The panels harness energy from sunlight which can be used to supplement your conventional energy supply. 


How Improve a Roof can help

Our cleaning and inspection service will ensure your roof stays in tip-top condition by keeping it clean and free of moss and finding loose or cracked tiles before they affect the energy efficiency of your roof.

We provide roof cleaning services in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside, North Wales, Derbyshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire.

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