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Thermal Roof Coating Energy Savings

Once our roof renovation process is completed and our Thermal Roof Coating applied, your roof will be protected. The nano-technology included in our thermal roof coating will prevent hot air from escaping through your roof tiles. This will reduce the amount of heating required to maintain the ambient temperature. When combined with appropriate loft insulation, your saving potential could be significant.

Up to 40% Energy Savings with Thermal Roof CoatingThe image to the right shows the difference in heat loss between a standard house and one that has been treated with Thermal Roof Coating.  These thermal images taken with a special camera use Blue to show cold, Orange implies warmth and Red shows areas with more dense heat contained within them. A massive amount of heat may be retained within the property once the roof has been cleaned, repaired and thermally coated by Improvearoof.

Our Unique Roof Coating Formula

The special Improvearoof formula has been specifically designed to reduce your fuel bills, carbon footprint and any environmental impact by maximising the thermal efficiency of the surface to which it is applied – in this case your roof.

And remember, the Improvearoof Guarantee is for 10 years. We can only offer this length of guarantee because of the unique properties of our Thermal Coating. The Improvearoof coating uses identical technology to that used in the space industry for heat proofing and insulating coatings.

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We are a family run business offering Thermal Roof Coating and Roof Cleaning. We are based in Hazel Grove, Stockport and we have more than 30 years experience in the home improvement industry.

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