Repairs Aren’t The Only Reason To Have Your Roof Checked

When a homeowner thinks of costs relating to their roof, they will naturally think in terms of repairs.

Whether it is replacing tiles, fixing guttering, repairing the ridge, or another issue, their mind will think of an issue that needs professional remedy.

And, to an extent, they’d be right. Roof repairs are a common expense (even if they are one that can be avoided through ongoing roof maintenance, as we outlined in a previous post.

However, there is another, often more compelling reason to spend a little on your roof – you can save an absolute fortune from your energy bill.

This important element of home maintenance is often overlooked.

It is sobering to know that around 25% of the heat lost from a property is through the roof, and this figure can get higher still.

If we then look at average energy bills, well over £1,000 per year, and the amount of this that goes on heating, then it is clear that, on average, around £200 per annum can be simply escaping through the roof. On some older, large properties the figure could easily hit £500 per year in entirely preventable wasted expense.

Imagine if you could see it floating away as notes!

The maths over time is straightforward – over a decade, that would be £5,000 on a large property, perhaps around £2,000 on a typical family home.

However, having this issue fixed is an expense that you only need pay for once and will more than pay for itself.

Other options exist, but our roof coating will keep the heat in during winter while, in summer, it stops the house getting too hot. This is a simple piece of work, a roof coating applied that is guaranteed to work for a decade. The technology used is also utilised in the space industry, this why so lengthy a guarantee is offered – the coating is built to withstand the harshest of climates.

If it can withstand space, it can withstand a British winter (even if they may be equally brutal at times!).

A simple image can show the difference a roof coating can make – compare the before and after below. Anyone who has seen Predator will know what this image demonstrates, it is a heat map, with blue cold surfaces through to red being hot. We see how the coating makes the roof so much more thermally efficient,

The coatings also improve the appearance of your property, coming in a range of subtle colours to match the rest of your home.

Please browse our gallery of past installations.

Loft Insulation

A roof coating, while highly effective, is not the only way to prevent heat loss through the roof.

Any homeowner should also give serious thought to loft insulation and, even if insulation exists it is worth taking the time to check it is effective and well fitted. For anyone with passable DIY skills, loft insulation is a fairly straightforward job. You can also look for examples of what to check for – how the insulation should be fitted, the thickness and more.

Often, if you have bought a property where little thought has been given to the loft for decades, it is as well to start again and replace the old insulation with new, better fitted, modern insulation.

A Chance To Check the Roof

Having a roof coating applied is also an opportunity to have your roof checked for any small issues that could become major over time.

For instance, as leading north west roof experts, we would inspect your roof prior to applying the coating and alert you to any issues. Often, there may be small issues that are very quick and cheap to fix, and yet could become huge concerns should they receive further damage through the winter.

Common issues are also prevented as a matter of course; we always clean the roof, cleaning off moss, lichen and mould.

As a bi-product of having your roof coated and made thermo efficient, you might tackle repairs that could grow into big problems, but that isn’t the only reason to have someone go up on a ladder and work on the top of your house.

Without making your roof thermally efficient, you ate literally waving goodbye to money each and every year. Every time you put the heating on, 20% of that energy is sailing away into the sky!

A Roof Coat and Clean

At Improve A Roof, we are experts in professional roof cleans and also providing our unique roof coating which protects the roof and greatly aids thermal efficiency.

We provide an affordable way to ensure your roof is in great shape and also far less susceptible to heat loss, thus saving the homeowner money each and every year.

To find out more, please have a browse of the site or contact us on 08000 469686 or use the Contact Form.

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