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Manchester Roof CoatingManchester Property Owners appreciate that the Roof on their home is probably the single most important component of the property. And in Manchester today, we find that a growing number of people are choosing Thermal Roof Coating by Improvearoof as a way to protect and grow their investment. For Roof Coating in Manchester nobody can touch Improvearoof for the high quality of the roof coating service we provide and also our very competitive Roof Coating and Roof Cleaning prices that generally cannot be matched by our competitors.

Why Roof Coating?

  • For Manchester property owners, your house is probably your most valuable investment.
  • Your roof is the most important component of your property. Thermal roof coating protects and grows this investment.
  • Think ahead. Don’t wait until Manchester weather has taken its toll: save costs by roof coating in advance.
  • As your roof ages, it collects moss and lichen, making it liable to leaks. Roof coating offers protection from this.
  • Roof coating and roof cleaning improves the appearance of your Manchester home, making it more attractive and enhancing your property’s value.
  • Roof coating is an intelligent investment, being much cheaper now, than to tackle it with a massive outlay when major problems have already occurred.
  • Thermal roof coating is proven to save you money, so not only is your investment enhanced but your energy bills will be reduced.

Why Choose Improve A Roof?

  • Peace of mind. Improve A Roof has been in existence in Manchester for years due to the quality and cost-effectiveness of their roof coating services. Hear from our satisfied customers here.
  • A ten year guarantee comes with our roof coating services.
  • We provide a FREE inspection of your roof. You may have problems that you cannot see as spores from moss, lichen and other bacteria are absorbed into the tiles which then absorb water. Tiles can be damaged when the water freezes, and acid excreted from these growths can also weaken and bleach your tiles.
  • Our prices. Feel free to contrast with our Manchester competitors. We are confident that we are unmatched on price for quality roof coating and roof cleaning services.
  • Our commitment to you. Improve A Roof is a family-run business, and we personally see the job through, addressing any issues at any time.
  • We offer a great choice of colours for roof coating: Terracotta, Mocha, Red/Brown, Anthracite Grey and Green. You can use our Roof Coating Visualiser to show you the effect of each colour

Your roof protects everything that lives beneath it from the extremes of our dubious Manchester. And we all know how unpredictable our Manchester weather can be. Yet so many people in Manchester wait until it’s too late to fix their roof, even though they are often aware that the roof is becoming older, collecting moss and lichen and thereby becoming more prone to leaks. Not to mention the fact that it has become an eyesore! Roof Cleaning and Thermal Roof Coating can completely change things for you, and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Improvearoof Roof Coating ManchesterJust contact us and we will undertake a free inspection of your existing roof. Many issues may be in evidence and we will discuss these with you. Worse problems sometimes lurk beneath the surface. Spores from moss, lichen and other bacteria are absorbed into the tiles which then absorb water. Mosses can hold water up to 40 times it’s own size and weight which infiltrates your tiles. And what happens when this water freezes? It expands significantly and damages the host tile. These growths also excrete acids, mainly oxalic, which attack the alkalinity of materials used, further weakening the tiles and bleaching their colour.

Thermal Roof Coating is the new way to restore, protect and renovate your roof adding value to your home, taking a weight off your mind and reducing your fuel bills. Oh yes, your roof will look fabulous too.

Your will find a small selection of the hundreds of letters that we receive from happy clients in our Testimonials section.

Thermal Roof Coating Colours

Our Manchester Thermal Roof Coating Promise

For Manchester Roof Coating we guarantee that you will not be able to match the quality of service that we provide. And we invite you to compare our prices with similar companies. But beware. There are many thermal roof coating companies that are “here today gone tomorrow”, so always check into the background of any company. Improvearoof offer a 10 Year Guarantee on Manchester roof coating work. And you can be confident that our family run business will be around to see it through, whatever happens. We have a “no questions asked” approach to any queries from existing clients and we promise to be back to address any issues that you may have in the fastest possible time.

Thermal Roof Coating Heat Loss Before and AfterRoof Renovation

A growing number of Manchester people are becoming proactive and realising that treating and thermally coating their roof before it’s too late is a smart move. Not just because it saves them from the massive outlay required for a re-roof, but they can also save money in the process. When combined with adequate insulation, thermal roof coating can lead to significant savings on your heating bills.

The pictures to the right show the massive difference in heat loss between a standard house and one that has been treated with Improvearoof Thermal Roof Coating. These thermal images taken with a special camera use Blue to show cold, orange shows warmth and red shows areas with more heat contained within them. You can see that additional heat is retained within the property once the roof has been cleaned, repaired and thermally coated by Improvearoof.

Our Manchester Roof Coating Process

Having placed your order for thermal roof coating with Improvearoof, we commence our tried and tested solution which includes the following 5 stages:

Stage One: Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Prior to any undertaking of works, the appointed project manager will carry out a full risk assessment of your Manchester property in order to produce a method statement. This statement will be followed throughout the following four stages of work – More details

Stage Two: Cleaning

Prior to cleaning we will full prepare your property by sheeting up any part of your house that may be adversely affected. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our work produces minimum, normally zero, disruption to your home – More details

Stage Three: Roof Renovation

Roof Renovation is a crucial stage of the installation which will cure any fundamental issues with your existing roof. We replace broken tiles, undertake any remedial work that may be required in your loft, etc. We also clean and remove all mosses and lichens – More details

Stage Four: Anti-Fungicidal WashOnce your roof dries, we apply a high concentrated anti-fungicidal wash onto your existing roof tiles to ensure that the Thermal Roof Coating applied in stage five adheres to your roof correctly and so as to create an aesthetically pleasing finish – More details

Stage Five: Application of Waterproof Thermal Coating

This coating protects your roof tiles whilst still allowing them to breathe. Your tiles become self-cleaning thanks to our unique specially prepared formula – More details

Improvearoof are the leading North West Roof Coating firm and we have undertaken hundreds of successful projects across the Manchester area. If you would like to know what your house would look like after our Roof Coating is applied, you will find before and after images a similar house to yours in our Roof Coating Gallery.

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