Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Now that the days are darker and colder, it really is time to think about preparing roofs for the rigours of winter. Because roofs are usually out of sight – and out of mind – we tend to forget about them. 

But failure to keep on top of basic maintenance can lead to expensive repairs further down the line. As ever with household tasks, prevention is better than a cure, and now is the time to thing about getting your roof ready for winter.
Winter roof
The first thing a householder can do is to conduct a visual inspection, both from the inside – in the attic or loft – and the outside. A simple inspection from the boundaries of your property is a good means of checking the exterior roof, with a pair of binoculars a useful tool in this operation. 

Are tiles or slates missing? Is there debris on the roof? Is the chimney showing signs of wear and tear? Is there evidence of water damage from blocked gutters? 

It is one thing to locate a problem, but providing a solution can be rather more difficult. Only a few people will have the means and expertise to carry out work on the average roof. 

The best solution to such a difficult and potentially dangerous operation is to call in the professionals. Our specially tailored Home Buyers Roof Survey and Report is an effective means of finding out what you might require in terms of remedial work. We will consider your roof – and any roof problems – in a number of targeted areas.

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Gutters and Down Pipes

Gutters perform the essential task of funnelling water from the roof and away from the main building to drains at ground level. They need clearing out on a yearly basis, especially in autumn when falling leaves block both the gutters and down pipes. 

This leads to backups and overflows, allowing water to penetrate cracks in the roof and be slowly absorbed by the house walls. 

Cleaning and Checking Roof Tiles and Slates

Severe weather and house movement can loosen or damage roof tiles/slates. They must be fixed or replaced without delay, otherwise water will enter the house through the gaps.

This is also a good time to clear any debris from the roof – such as fallen branches – and give the roof a good scrub to get rid of moss, lichen and algae.

Our dedicated Roof Cleaning Wash and Refurb is a first-rate cleaning service that also includes repairs to ensure the roof is kept in top condition.

Flashing and other Sealants

Until fairly recently flashing was made from thin lead sheets to provide a water-tight barrier between the roof and vertical walls, as well as sealing projections into the roof itself, such as chimneys, dormer windows, skylights, pipes, and vents. 

Today, roof flashing is usually made from a rust-proof metal such as galvanized steel, aluminium or copper.

Whatever the material used, flashing needs to be regularly checked to make sure that roof movement and other changes have not affected its water-proofing properties.

Under the Roof

The small vents in your attic or loft are designed to help the roof ‘breathe’. A steady air flow prevents damaging fluctuations in temperature, minimizing leaks, cracks and other problems within the attic.

Roof vents should be kept clean and any potentially obstructing debris removed. 

A close inspection of the attic might also reveal signs of moisture, an indication of other, more substantial forms of damage to the roof, such as broken tiles/slates.

Although this is a task that can be undertaken by the ordinary householder, our professional inspection will provide greater reassurance.

By closely monitoring these key elements of roof design we ensure that you will remain dry and snug in your own home.

You may also be interested in our roof coating service.

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