Don’t Forget To Put Your Coat On – Great Advice For Your Property Too

As a child, did your parents ever use the phrase ‘don’t forget to put your coat on?’. Maybe you have used this parenting classic with your own kids.

At heart, there is a sense that prevention is better than cure. Forget to wear your coat, especially in our British climate, and you may well end up with a cold. A bout of sickness may follow, one that was easily preventable if only you’d put that coat on.

It works for us humans and it works for our properties too.

Putting a coat on, a protective shield that is, has a huge benefit, it prevents more serious issues – most of which would be expensive to remedy.

What, though, is this coat. How visible is it – nobody wants their lovely home wrapped in some sort of protective wrapping.

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The coat can be to protect the walls. Render is a type of coat, albeit one that is very visible and not to everyone’s taste. It looks good on some properties, less so on others.

A silicon seal is also available for the walls and brickwork. This creates an invisible shield that water simply bounces off.

The idea is not that this replaces all requirements to keep your brickwork in good maintenance, but it is a failsafe. It ensures that if the gutter fails, for instance, and water runs down the side of the house, then the water will largely bounce off, run down without damaging the brickwork and causing issues to the property internally.

At Improve a Roof, we use this same approach for your roof.

Roof issues are a headache for any homeowner, they seem like a cost that is going to hit us at some stage. At some stage, we’ll have to spend out to get the roof fixed.

Our roof coatings are the fail-safe. They ensure that if there are issues, the roof remains robust and watertight, however that is not the only benefit of our coating.

Our coatings improve the thermal efficiency of the roof, make the tiles fully waterproof and also ensure there is no growth of moss or lichen.

Benefits include:

  • No more moss or lichen
  • Maintenance-free
  • Choice of colour – suit all homes
  • Hassle-free installations
  • Improve domestic efficiency
  • Fully guaranteed
  • Increased home value
  • Waterproofed tiles

The roof coating also comes with a full 10-year guarantee.

Having a roof coating also means that any existing issues can also be taken care of – in applying the roof we would of course inspect the roof too and advise as to any repair work that might be beneficial.

To go back to the example of parents asking their kids to put their coat on, this is like having a doctor’s check-up at the same time. Not so much ‘put your coat on’ as ‘this doctor is going to put your coat on and check your health at the same time too.’

Roof Coating You Can Trust

In recent years, a number of other companies have started to offer roof coatings, these of varying quality.

Our impartial reviews speak of our quality, so too the fact we are a family-run business with decades of experience. We have thrived through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our Thermal Roof Coating Guarantee means that you will not match the quality of Thermal Roof Coating that we provide at a price to compete with Improve A Roof Thermal Roof

Coating prices.

We invite you to compare our prices with other Thermal Roof Coating companies.

About Improve A Roof

At Improve a Roof, we offer roof coating that will extend the life of your roof and also reduce heating bills, and also an annual wash and refurbish option – this would clean your roof but also address any maintenance issues such as loose or missing tiles, the capping of gutters, re-mortaring of the ridge and many more common issues.

Our testimonials are universally positive.

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