Why it’s never a bad time to check your roof

Taking your car for a service is a nuisance, let’s be honest. But it’s infinitely preferable to breaking down in the middle of nowhere because of a problem we had no idea existed.

Checking your roof

The same mindset should apply to your home – and in particular your roof. You really don’t want to wait until it’s too late. And while it might feel ‘out of sight’ when you’re inside, it’s actually not that hard to check your roof – and you can be sure your neighbours and the houses over the road will be casting a critical eye over it too!

At Improve a Roof, we have seen pretty much every type of roof going, and with our repair and refurbish service are perfectly placed to rectify whatever has been going on up there.

Roof problems you might spot

If you’ve been in your home for a while, it’s fair to expect roof repairs will be needed at some stage – unmaintained roofs will not be issue-free forever. Of course, it’s harder to know exactly when this will be, hence the need to regularly check your roof.

And what might this checking uncover? Well, tiles might need fixing (especially after stormy weather), or guttering might need unblocking. Moss might be taking over.

The point is, however, damage to your roof isn’t inevitable. Not to state the obvious, but your roof was designed to withstand wintery weather. But it needs a little routine maintenance. We’re back to the motoring analogy. If issues aren’t identified early, they will be exacerbated by a storm, a long drive, or just by the passing of time.

Get in there early

So when tiles come flying off in the wind – remember a simple check of your roof would have spotted they were loose or that the ridge was in need of repair.

Hopefully you’ve been convinced to peer up and take a careful look at what’s up there. Luckily it’s pretty easy. Start at ground level, with a pair of binoculars if you have them (you can leave the ladders to us!) and look for loose tiles or flashing, blocked gutters or excessive moss or lichen build-up.

How does it compare with other houses in your street?

Head across the road for a better angle. Then go inside – look for evidence of water stains or sagging in the loft. These are all tell-tale signs that your roof isn’t doing its job.

What next?

So – let’s say you’ve done your inspection using this ‘check your roof’ guide, and your roof is looking less than spic and span. What next? This is where we come in. At Improve a Roof, we offer a five-step wash and refurbish service that kills moss, lichen, and algae and prevents it forming.

As part of the same service we also provide repairs and renovations – so we’ll clean those gutters, and replace any missing or broken tiles.

Broken tiles

Check out our hugely positive customer testimonials to get a better idea of what’s in store.

It goes without saying that as well as making it more weatherproof, a clean and repair will transform the appearance of your roof – you’ll never look at it the same way again (and nor will your neighbours).

And you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve given your roof a much-needed service – all you need to worry about is your car’s MOT!


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers think on our testimonials page. Here’s what one customer had to say about our roof cleaning and refurbishing service:

From Brian Greene:

This is the second time that we have used Improvearoof. This time, it was to clean and protect our large roof. The work was performed very professionally. The men were courteous and explained how things were going and any problems that they had found and rectified. Head office also kept us informed of progress and when to expect their team. They cleaned up thoroughly at the end of the work. I was completely satisfied with the end result, a lovely, clean roof free from moss and any broken or misplaced tiles fixed.

Get in touch with us today for a quote for cleaning and refurbishing your roof. 


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