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Repairs Aren’t The Only Reason To Have Your Roof Checked

When a homeowner thinks of costs relating to their roof, they will naturally think in terms of repairs.

Whether it is replacing tiles, fixing guttering, repairing the ridge, or another issue, their mind will think of an issue that needs professional remedy.

And, to an extent, they’d be right. Roof repairs are a common expense (even if they are one that can be avoided through ongoing roof maintenance, as we outlined in a previous post.

However, there is another, often more compelling reason to spend a little on your roof – you can save an absolute fortune from your energy bill.

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The Roof: Tackling small problems before they become big issues

Most homeowners, we would suggest the vast majority, have a very natural tendency to put repairs off. 

We fully understand this, it is human nature. 

It is a rare person who spots a small issue and then immediately prioritises seeking a fix. 

In any home there are just so many small issues. For any new problem it’s tempting to just think ‘join the back of the queue’. 

You spot a loose window seal, that can wait, the cat flap hasn’t been fixed yet. 

The paint in the hallway needs a re-do, hmmm but that will cost a few hundred pounds and shouldn’t we get that patch of the kitchen that needs replastering looked at first?

This same behaviour applies to the roof. You spot that little hint of damp in the spare bedroom that’s probably related to the roof in some way. It can wait. 

You go into the loft and it seems unusually drafty. Not to worry, the loft doesn’t really matter anyway, does it?

The problem however is that not all issues are equal. 

Not All Issues Are Equal

Some issues when spotted probably should be fixed straight away. Others can be allowed to slip without it mattering a huge deal. 

Or, to put it a different way, there are some issues that will never be cheaper to rectify than they are right now. 

The hallway paint quote won’t become more expensive over the next few months. That patch of plaster on the kitchen is a simple enough job. It will cost £250 now, it will also cost £250 in a year’s time. 

However other issues follow a very different pattern. Over time, they quickly become more of an issue or the impact spreads. The cost, and potential nuisance, of any fix only grows. 

Many roofing issues fall into this category but we don’t wish to alarm you. It isn’t only roof issues to which this applies, clearly leaking pipes or signs of movement would be equally important to investigate ASAP. 

Equally not all roofing issues truly require urgent repair. A loose tile or two might not currently be much of an issue and might remain so – imperfect but not hugely damaging – for some time. 

More often than not though we know when an issue will only cost more in future, don’t we. As homeowners we get that sinking feeling. 

We put off a repair even though deep down we know we probably should get it looked at. 

If we were to be honest we’re thinking €˜I’d rather pay more, at some point in the future which for now seems she’s off, than pay less right now’

But that’s quite a lot to formulate as a thought in one moment. Mostly we just put it to the back of our mind. 

Jobs become bigger than they needed to be. 

We specialise in roofing repairs and maintenance, but we preach that prevention is better than a cure. It is genuinely frustrating to see big jobs costing homeowners a good chunk of money that could so easily have been far cheaper or even not required at all. 

Most roof repairs would never have been required if the homeowner had instead committed to an annual maintenance check. Surely we all work too hard to waste money needlessly. 

The patch of damp coming from the roof could have been prevented, it didn’t have to become a job also requiring work to repair the damage caused on the top floor. The guttering, if only that had been checked, rain would not have cascaded down the side of the house causing far greater damage. 

If you are at all interested in following a prevention is better than cure approach, please contact us. 

About Improve A Roof

At Improve a Roof, we offer roof coating that will extend the life of your roof and also reduce heating bills, and also an annual wash and refurbish option – this would clean your roof but also address any maintenance issues such as loose or missing tiles, the capping of gutters, re-mortaring of the ridge and many more common issues.

Our testimonials are universally positive, please

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Don’t Be Forced To Panic-Choose A Roofer

At the time of writing, we are in the middle of storms and high winds – given we are writing for a British audience it’s probably fair to assume that whenever you are reading, there have either been storms recently or they will come in the near future.

There is much to love about Britain, but you could argue that the climate would not be top of the list.

These storms will often cause damage to properties’ roofs and this will then need fixing fast.

When the roof fails, there is often an urgent need for repair – there could be a leak and water ingress that has the potential to cause further damage inside and lead to  redecoration – even if this is covered by home insurance it is still major upheaval and annoyance.

There is also another certainly, if your roof needs repair because of storm damage then others will too. You may find a recommendation for a superb local company that can carry out the repair only to find that they are in high demand.

An available company might not always be the best company – if a supposed roof repair expert can come round the same day when there are lots of roofs that need repairing what does this say for their reputation or quality?

All this is to say that if you need an urgent repair you need to have someone in mind already, a company you have used before and trust – this is true of any sort of home repair, not just roof issues.

However, there is a better way.

Bar the most extreme of storms, the type we maybe see once in a decade at most, most storms only exaggerate existing damage. They work away at what was already a weak spot.

Most of the damage to roofs that occurs during storms and the winter months could have been avoided if only the roof had been maintained and given regular, annual checks.

A roof check and routine maintenance would spot that some tiles were loose or that the ridge was in need of repair.

The maintenance would also address issues that would lead to future problems, tiles become loose for a reason and a build-up of moss algae and lichen is a common factor. A specialist clean and coating can prevent this build up and so ensure that there are not future problems.

After every storm, thousands of homeowners find that their gutters are not fit for purpose, perhaps with rain water cascading against walls and causing damp damage. Such a problem could have been easily prevented by simply having a regular check, cleaning out the gutters and drains and ensuring all fastenings remained good.

Pay now or PAY Later

We understand the mindset, it is something we are all guilty of.

It is often tempting to not pay now for something you are not certain you will have to pay for in future.

Why pay for roof maintenance when it could be ‘wasted expense’? If, for instance, you could have got through the next 10 years not needing to pay for roof repairs then to pay for annual maintenance would have been a waste surely.

The problem is that there is a certain inevitability to roof repairs, a roof that is not maintained will not remain issue free for ever. What is less certain is when there will be this need for repair – will it be in one year, three years? Five years – or maybe two months.

It is also impossible to predict how many repairs may be needed. There could be none for two years, or it may be that some tiles have to be fixed after a storm, but then three months later there is a gutter problem and then, two months after that more tile issues.

At this stage the homeowner would perhaps consider paying for more general maintenance, when had they done this earlier they would not also have had to spend for these individual repairs.

With regular roof maintenance there is of course a cost but this is likely to be the only expense for the roof.

With a more relaxed approach to house maintenance there will either be no expense, or an expense that far exceeds what would have been spent on regular checks.

In most cases, it will be the latter.

About Improve A Roof

At Improve a Roof, we offer roof coating that will extend the life of your roof and also reduce heating bills, and also an annual wash and refurbish option – this would clean your roof but also address any maintenance issues such as loose or missing tiles, the capping of gutters, re-mortaring of the ridge and many more common issues.

Our testimonials are universally positive, please take the time to read the impartial reviews. 

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Could We Learn From Sweden’s Roof Maintenance?

At Improve a Roof, we specialise in helping customers ensure that their roofs stay in superb order, able to withstand the worst the British climate has to throw at us.

And, undoubtedly, the British climate places great demands on our roofs – there is wind, rain (often near-constant rain), fairly extreme temperature changes through the seasons and then there is hail, occasional snow, ice and the odd storm or two.

Any roof in Britain has to be well maintained and built to last.

However, we would have to admit that there are countries where the climate is even harsher and so the demands placed on the roof greater still.

We were fascinated to read about some of the approaches taken in Sweden, especially the requirements to clean and maintain roofs during the winter.

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Warning Signs Your Roof Might Need A Repair

The roof is perhaps the biggest cause for concern for most homeowners. 

There is the likelihood that it will require repairs or replacing at some stage and the certainty that should any major faults appear they will need addressing immediately. 

A leaking roof cannot be put way down the priorities list.

However, unlike other parts of the house, the roof is difficult to check – it may even be completely inaccessible bar to a professional.

In this post, we outline some key signs that may suggest that your roof could at least do with a check-up.

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The Perpetual Roof Quandary – Pay Now, Or Pay Later…

For almost any homeowner, there is one major ongoing cause for concern. The roof.

So many people live in the knowledge that it’s not quite perfect. It may be in need of slight repair, they may be a small leak that becomes apparent in storms.

You may suspect it is far from energy efficient.

Or it may be that problems are further off but you know that nobody has checked it in years. You may glance up at it as you cross the street and notice the moss, maybe the slipped tile or two.

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Four Reasons You Should Get Your Roof Cleaned Right Now!


  1. Roof Cleaning Saves You Money – Yes, really

You may think as you look up at your mucky roof: ‘hmm, does look dirty, but costs too much cash to get it cleaned’. This would be a mistake. It’s costing you money NOT getting it cleaned. How so? Roof cleaning helps your roof last longer. All that moss, algae and lichen isn’t just unsightly, it’s actively damaging your roof. So, you can have a lower roof cleaning cost in the short term or a massive roof replacement cost in the long term – the choice is yours.

  1. Clean Roofs Look Good

roof cleaning compare

OK, we shouldn’t be superficial and care only about what something looks like. But seriously, have you see the difference between a newly cleaned roof and an uncleaned one? Wow. It’s not like just getting your car cleaned where it looks good for a day then is back to normal. It actually does look like a new roof again and stays that way for a seriously long time 

  1. Your House Is Worth More After Roof Cleaning

Relating to the above, by looking much better, your property, should you decide to sell, will be much more valuable with a beautifully clean roof than the current, dark, grimy embarrassment sitting atop your house, deterring would–be buyers.

  1. You Get a Roof Clean AND Refurb

Blocked gutters? Missing or damaged titles? Because we are such a fantastic roof cleaning company, we like to stand out. That’s why you get a complete roof refurb with every roof cleaning job we do. We remove all the waste from your gutters and replace your damaged or missing tiles, along with any other required roof repairs. That’s in tandem with our turbo roof cleaning wash.

Talk to us about getting your roof cleaned…today!


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Top 5 Roof Coating Colours

We offer a range of colours for Roof Coating ranging from the darker brown and traditional red colours to more contemporary shades.

Our customers often ask us which are the most popular colours chosen by people that have had their roof coated by Improve A Roof. So we have looked back over the last 12 months and here are the results of our investigation:

And the Winner is … Classic Grey.

2nd: Red/Brown
3rd: Dark Brown
4th: Rustic
5th: Green

Other popular colours are Terracotta and Charcoal Grey.

If you would like to see samples of the colours available just get in touch using the form below or visit our Contact Page.

I would like more information ...
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Improve A Roof – Supporting Local Sport

Improve A Roof are the proud sponsors of Macclesfield Junior FC.

The club are a Charter Standard club with boys and girls teams from Under 7 to Under 18. They play in the Mid Cheshire Youth Football League, Cheshire Womens and Youth Football League and the Stockport Metro.

Improvearoof are happy to provide winter clothing at MJFC and we are proud sponsors of Macclesfield Boys Under 9’s for 2013/14. Macclesfield Boys U9 currently play in the (Elite) Amber Division in the MCYFL.

Macc Boys Football are sponsored by Improve A Roof

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Derby Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Derby - Before and After

Improve A Roof are the number one choice for Roof Cleaning and Roof Coating Services in Derby.

We specialists in cost-effective Roof Cleaning.

Our cleaning services for Derby roofs are 100% guaranteed to remove moss, algae and all forms of bacteria from your roof no matter what the property type.

At Improve a Roof we also offer additional services to customers wishing to repair or renovate their properties.

Improve A Roof covers the whole of Derby and surrounding areas.

We are confident enough in our trained specialists and in our self formulated products that we can claim to be the number one Roof Cleaning service in Derby, as we have many satisfied customers over many years.

We enforce strict guidelines to ensure that your roof is cleaned to the best standard.

For further details about our Derby Roof Cleaning process, please look at our Roof Cleaning and Thermal Coating Solution page.

Or, call us now and we’ll tell you everything you need to know and what the costs are likely to be.

Call NOW for Derby Roof Cleaning

0800 046 9686

Improve A Roof will provide you with a free and no-obligation roof cleaning quotation, and we also offer complimentary services that you may wish to consider.

Reasons why you should only use a reputable Roof Cleaning service in Derby

We are an experienced Roof Cleaning company.

No other Derby Roof Cleaning company takes greater care of your property when cleaning your roof than Improve A Roof.

There are several parts of your home which may be more susceptible to water ingress than othersm.

And, we don’t want the mess that comes from the roof to dirty your existing brick and paintwork.

It’s all about using our Roof Cleaning knowledge and experience to ensure that the Roof Cleaning work we undertake will not only provide you with a clean Roof, but will not adversely affect your property in any way.

roof cleaning Derby Prior to cleaning, we will fully prepare your property by sheeting up any part of your house that may be adversely affected.

We use sheeting to protect window frames, conservatories and other vulnerable areas.

We also inform your neighbours of the work that will be taking place to ensure they are happy and to allay any concerns they may have.

It is this reassurance about our professionalism that provides you with value for money Roof Cleaning and peace of mind.

Many Roof Cleaning customers in Derby that we speak to have had bad experiences with other Roof Cleaning companies due to their lack of planning and lack of concern for the rest of their property.

We’ve heard stories about dirty water pouring into homes through window seals, conservatory panels, at brickwork joint, and through old timber etc.

Roof Cleaning DerbyRemember that we will already have replaced or repaired any worn tiles during the survey and inspection process.

All existing roof tiles will be deep cleaned using high pressure nozzles and other specialist equipment.

This initial stage in the roof cleaning process will remove all surface roof moss, lichen and any other dirt residue. And we don’t just clean your roof. We also clean all gutters and downspouts to make sure that everything is as good as new.

For Roof Cleaning in Derby, nobody can match Improve A Roof.

We offer fabulous rates and when combined with our Thermal Roof Coating, our service is unmatched.

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