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Can a neighbour’s plants damage your roof?

Vines in gutter of roofThe landlord of a top-floor property got a surprise call to say that blocked gutters and drains had been a factor in the flooding of the ground-floor flat during a heavy rainstorm. 

Closer inspection revealed that vines from a neighbouring house had crawled over the property divide and invaded the roof and gutter of the landlord’s flat. 

Water had built up on the roof and then come cascading down onto the lower flat’s courtyard, flooding the carpeting in the process. Water was also dribbling down the sides of the property, potentially damaging the brick-work. 

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Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Now that the days are darker and colder, it really is time to think about preparing roofs for the rigours of winter. Because roofs are usually out of sight – and out of mind – we tend to forget about them. 

But failure to keep on top of basic maintenance can lead to expensive repairs further down the line. As ever with household tasks, prevention is better than a cure, and now is the time to thing about getting your roof ready for winter.
Winter roof
The first thing a householder can do is to conduct a visual inspection, both from the inside – in the attic or loft – and the outside. A simple inspection from the boundaries of your property is a good means of checking the exterior roof, with a pair of binoculars a useful tool in this operation. 
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Noises in the attic can mean trouble for your roof

If you start hearing strange sounds in the attic or loft – scratching, humming, buzzing, wings flapping – then you almost certainly have some unwanted guests. 

Trouble for your roofIn an earlier blog we looked at ways of getting rid of squirrels, bats and wasps. But unfortunately they are not the only intruders you will have to deal with. 

These pests typically enter your home through holes in the roof’s soffits, fascia and barge boards, or through spaces left by damaged tiles or slates.  
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Check the roof before you buy your dream home!

There are so many things to think about when moving house, but don’t forget to check the roof before you buy your dream home. 

Roofs are not just about kerb appeal. Even a good-looking roof might be hiding issues that could prove expensive if left unattended, particularly if it is on an older property. 

Trust Improve a Roof to survey your roof and make sure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises after you have closed the deal.
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Why do I need to keep my roof clean?

roof cleaningDoes a roof need to be beautiful? If all its slates are present and correct, does it matter what a roof looks like? So,  why do I need to keep my roof clean?

In fact, keeping your roof clean is an essential part of your general house maintenance and our roof cleaning wash and refurbish is one of Improve A Roof’s most popular services.
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How your roof can help you to reduce your energy costs

With energy prices going through the roof – no pun intended – it’s time to ensure that your roof can help you to reduce your energy costs. Keeping your roof in good order is an excellent starting point, and our cleaning and inspection service will help you keep on top of any problems before they become serious.

Insulate your loft

As we all know, hot air rises and research suggests that about 25% of the heat generated by your boiler will be lost through your roof. Insulation in your loft will reduce your bills significantly and could save as much as £250 a year in the average-sized UK house.

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Who else is living under your roof?

Roof spaces provide an attractive habitat for wildlife who find a home sweet home in your loft,  raising the question ‘Who else is living under your roof?’ But this can cause various problems. All these pests enter through gaps in the soffits, fascia, and barge boards that should seal your roof. 

We provide roof repairs as part of our wash and refurbish process and we can spot and sort out any gaps that could allow entry to your loft before problems start. So, who could be sharing your home with you, and what can you do about it?

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The effect of warm weather on your roof

There is an old saying that you should mend your roof while the sun is shining, but it also pays to be mindful that the effect of warm weather on your roof during the sunny days of spring and summer can be as much of a challenge for your roof as winter.

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Why it’s never a bad time to check your roof

Taking your car for a service is a nuisance, let’s be honest. But it’s infinitely preferable to breaking down in the middle of nowhere because of a problem we had no idea existed.

Checking your roof

The same mindset should apply to your home – and in particular your roof. You really don’t want to wait until it’s too late. And while it might feel ‘out of sight’ when you’re inside, it’s actually not that hard to check your roof – and you can be sure your neighbours and the houses over the road will be casting a critical eye over it too!
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Six ways to ensure a leak-free roof

Roof Coating BarnsleyIt is raining AGAIN! So, how can you ensure a leak-free roof? Rain in the UK is set to become more frequent and heavier. According to the Met Office,  2020 was the wettest year on record for the UK, with daily rainfall records repeatedly breaking records.

This trend seems set to continue, with more episodes of 50 mm of rainfall in a day becoming routine. Your roof is your protection against the elements – is it up to the challenge? Pay attention to the following to feel secure that you’ve got a leak-free roof.
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