Cut Your Energy Bills with SecoTHERM

secothermSecoTherm is the new way to save money on your energy bills. By reducing the amount of heat that is lost through your brickwork, you reap the benefits and you need less energy to heat your home. And the savings can be significant.

SecoTherm will also protect your masonry from penetrating damp and improve the thermal resistance of your exterior walls. The SecoTherm chemically bonds to your masonry and the long lasting properties of SecoTherm means that it is resistant to weathering and also the sun’s rays.

The SecoTherm formula has been developed to the very highest standards and is the ultimate weather protection for masonry walls and bricks. The porous materials that we use to build our homes such as natural stone and bricks have good insulating qualities, but only when they are dry. And that’s where SecoTherm comes to the rescue, ensuring that your external wall materials stay dry all year round.

Features of SecoTherm

  • Improves the thermal efficiency of the masonry.
  • Maintaining thermal properties of cavity wall insulation.
  • Reduction in heat loss.
  • Self cleaning surface.
  • Slow ageing and surface break down.
  • Less susceptible to the growth of micro-organisms.

Proven Energy Saving Performance

SecoTherm minimises the absorption of water into your brickwork, sometimes by as much as 95% on a porous brick. The product can be used on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone. Any secotherm review tends to mention the outstanding damp protection That’s because the product penetrates deeply into the substrate and provides protection for up to 20 years. Biological growth and stains do not just look dirty but can also result in surface decay due to frost damage and can cause major humidity problems.

Watch our video below to tell you more about the SecoTherm process.

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